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Evacuation chair is mainly used to transfer patients, 
the elderly, pregnant women and people 
with limited mobility 
through stairs in high-rise buildings.

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What Are Evacuation Chairs?
The main material is high-strength aluminum alloy which is hardened and surface spray.It is designed for hospital emergency, emergency center and fire emergency ambulance, it can automatically slide down the stairs.
What Are The Types Of Evacuation Chairs?
YXH-5C-1 新
YXH-5D-2 新
YXH-5G-1 新

Manual Evacuation Chair

Manual evacuation chair, divided into two-wheeled and four-wheeled evacuation chairs. It is mainly convenient for transportation up and down stairs and on flat ground, can be folded, and is characterized by lightness and portability.

Electric Evacuation Chair

Electric evacuation chair, one person can operate the evacuation chair, strong motor can easily help patients up and down the stairs.
How Does Evacuation Chair Work?
The track angle after back rest with three position adjustment, suitable for different floors.Three position lift bar help any size operator move the stair climbing chair on the stairs.It just need one person to operate.The Foot pedal can be flipped up when not in use. Intelligent electromagnetic brake keeps users safe.
What Can Evacuation Chairs Be Used For?
Used for hospital,emergency center, up and down the stairs when the fire emergency,just need only one person can operate this stretcher.
Xiehe Provides Professional Evacuation Chairs For You
We strictly implement IS013485 quality control system. Our products have been certified by TUV, CE, FDA and so on. Since 2005,Our evacuation chairs have won a good reputation at home and abroad, and our customers have been cooperating with us for a long time and choosing our evacuation chairs.
Here Is The Information You Want To Know
  • Where are you?

    My factory is in Zhangjiagang City of Jiangsu Province, a very beautiful industry city, it’s around 1.5 hours from shanghai.
  • What warranty do your products have?

    Our warranty time is 12month, if you have any special requirements, we can talk.
  • How long is your delivery time?

    Normally, the delivery time for 20feet container is around 25days and 40feet within 40days. The exact depending on the model you choose.
  • Do you support OEM service?

    Yes, we give OEM service and give good service.
  • Are you a manufacturer?

    Yes, we are. Our factory founded in 2005. We are the professional manufacture on emergency products, our business range including stretchers, first aid products, hospital furniture and funeral items.
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What are the advantages of stair chairs?

The stair chair provides maximum safety and power when transporting patients up and down stairs. The chair and track system takes the weight, improving patient safety and reducing operator fatigue and risk of injury. The electric track powers the chair up and down the stairs.

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