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The stretcher is a very common piece of equipment in our lives and there are many different types of it that can be used in various scenarios. The stretcher is very easy to use, it is compact and the bed of the stretcher can be adjusted to a forward or backward tilt as required by the actual operation. However, many people do not have a clear understanding of the use of stretchers. This article focuses on the use of stretchers and gives you a brief overview and inventory of knowledge.



The related precautions for using the PPE.

PPE is the general term for Personal Protective Equipment. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of PPE, which makes PPE more and more in demand in society. This is because PPE is used in many scenarios in life, such as hospitals, laboratories, factories, etc. This article will make a brief inventory of PPE useism matters.



The main characteristics of First Aid Kits.

First aid kits can also be called emergency bags and their use is of great importance in people's daily lives. In our daily life, safety incidents and accidents are everywhere and when we encounter a situation where someone is injured and cannot be taken to hospital in the first place, first aid kits are the first thing that comes to mind.



The importance of using the PPE.

The importance of adequate personal protection during an epidemic cannot be overemphasised. Different countries are facing different levels of epidemic challenges and personal protection is particularly important in such situations. The product that we would like to introduce in this article is PPE, which is related to personal protection. This article will give a brief insight into the importance of using PPE.



The First Aid Kit applications.

A first aid kit is a container containing first aid medication or medical equipment and there are different types of kits depending on the scenario in which they are used. First aid kits were originally used on the battlefield, but as people's quality of life improved, they began to be used in more and more scenarios. Today the first aid kit has become a necessity.



The common types of Stretcher.

A stretcher is a very common piece of medical equipment. Many people are no stranger to it and there are many types of stretchers commonly found on the market. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of the types and characteristics of stretchers.

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