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The stair chair provides maximum safety and power when transporting patients up and down stairs. The chair and track system takes the weight, improving patient safety and reducing operator fatigue and risk of injury. The electric track powers the chair up and down the stairs.



Something you need to know about stair chairs

Elevators should not be used in multi-story buildings during emergencies such as fire, earthquake, or power outage, which may trap disabled or injured people. The stair stretcher section evacuation chair is designed for the rapid transport of patients in emergencies.



Some basics of choosing an evacuation chair

In hospitals, patients are often unable to go up and down stairs normally. When it comes to emergencies, it becomes a major problem for patients to go up and down the stairs, so you need to consider using an evacuation chair. Here is the content list:



Use scenarios and advantages of stair chairs

Wheelchairs are an important tool for rehabilitation, not only as a means of mobility for the physically disabled and those with limited mobility but also as a means of physical exercise and participation in social activities. The stair climbing trolley is not only able to travel on flat ground but



Information about stair chairs

The Stair Stretcher is the ideal facility for emergency staff to transfer patients up and down stairs. Its two fixed rear wheels allow the patient to move with minimal effort over most surfaces. The stretcher ensures patient safety during transport as it is a 3-strap restraint with quick-release buc



Aluminum alloy church truck role and maintain

The most basic connotation of funeral activities is the way and method of dealing with the dead, but at the same time, it educates people through the rituals of dealing with the dead, making them realize the meaning and value of life, making them brave enough to take the responsibility of death, and

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