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As the standard of people's quality of life increases, an increasing number of people are becoming more and more concerned about personal protection. Personal protection is of great significance to mankind, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19 which began last year and has led to a global focus on protection. Today we would like to introduce a product related to protection, it is PPE. Basic information about PPE will be highlighted in the text.



What is the first aid kit?

As people's quality of life level increases, so does their awareness of medical treatment. For doctors, they often encounter people with sudden onset of illness in their daily lives, folding leaving them scrambling and some patients dying due to untimely resuscitation. Some patients cannot be taken to hospital in the first instance when they are injured or have an attack, and this is when a medical device is used, which is a first aid kit.



What is the correct way to use an emergency stretcher?

The stretcher is a common piece of equipment, but it is really the core equipment for transporting the injured. It is mainly used for transporting the sick and wounded in ambulances, hospitals, war zones and stadiums. There are many scenarios where stretchers are used, but many people do not know the correct way to use a stretcher, so this article will give a brief introduction to the use of a stretcher.



What is the basic composition of the first aid kit?

The Emergency bag was born in connection with the military, when, in order to make it easier to carry and supply, sets of medicines were often packaged in one or several special packages for a particular department or use. As time went on, emergency bags began to appear in a variety of settings. Today, first aid kits are used in hospitals, companies and individual homes. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of the basic medicines in a first aid kit.



What are the Stretcher applications?

Medical equipment is an important sign of modernity. With the development of the times, medical equipment has entered an era of high technology. Although the product I am going to introduce today has nothing to do with high technology, it is indeed an essential piece of equipment in all hospitals, and it is the stretcher. In this article we will analyse the applications and features of the stretcher and the basic information about the stretcher will be highlighted in this article.



What are the performance characteristics of the stretcher?

A stretcher is one of the essential pieces of equipment in everyday life. There are many different types of stretcher and different types of stretcher have different characteristics. This article will give a brief introduction to the characteristics of stretchers and tell you why they are so popular.

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