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Excellent ambulance stretcher
01. This product is also known as stretcher car, ambulance stretcher, emergency stretcher, truck stretcher, auto stretcher, salvage stretcher, rescue stretcher.
02. The bodywork is mainly aluminum alloy structure and aluminum alloy die casting with joint parts, with good light toughness and easy to disinfect. It is used in hospital emergency centers to transfer the wounded.
03. This recovery stretcher adopts a sponge cushion, and the backrest can adjust the angle to make the sick man feels more comfortable.
04. It adopts a folding leg mechanical structure and controlling folding through the handle of the right hand, only one ambulance man needed to push the patient into an ambulance.
05. The periphery of the wheel is made of rubber, strong and durable.

06. It must be locked with the fixtures on the ambulance to ensure the safety of the ambulance patients.
07. Preparation of two safety straps, to ensure the safety of patients.
08. When transporting a patient to a ward or destination, open the after-fixing lock, slowly from the ambulance pulled down, the stretcher leg will put down automatically.
Professional production line
What the customer said
Aluminum Alloy Ambulance Stretcher YXH-3B
This automatic loading stretcher is our best-seller product, it’s made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes.
The bed surface is comfortable
The bed surface is made of foamed cushion and the adjustable back making the wounded feel comfortable.​​​​​​​
The stretcher is very convenient
The stretcher is very convenient; one person is enough to send the patient to the ambulance.
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