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What are the advantages of stair chairs?

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The stair chair provides maximum safety and power when transporting patients up and down stairs. The chair and track system takes the weight, improving patient safety and reducing operator fatigue and risk of injury. The electric track powers the chair up and down the stairs.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of stair chairs compared to regular wheelchairs

  • Performance and dimensions of our YXH-5P model stair chair

stair chair

Advantages of stair chairs compared to regular wheelchairs

The wheelchair is a necessity that special groups have to use frequently in their daily life and work, and it is an important tool for them to participate in social activities and exercise. With the development of society and the growth of aging, they will always have a slightly different lifestyle from normal people in their daily life, for example, the activity of going up and down stairs. According to the survey, at present, there are still a large proportion of elderly people living in old district houses, however, there is no design of handicap access in these buildings, elevators, and some other facilities to assist the elderly and special people. Ordinary wheelchairs mainly have the following ways of travel to carry out daily activities:

(1) The function of travel through the hand wheel ring or rocker and button.

(2) The motion of propulsion through the handle of the wheelchair.

(3) Some stair climbing wheelchairs use a crawler method of travel.

The disadvantages of these methods are:

(1) If there is water on the road or the road is not clean, the user's hands and clothes will often be soiled.

(2) If the road encounters potholes, mud, sand, or waterlogged roads, it will make the wheelchair unable to move, which will also affect the circuit performance of the electric wheelchair.

(3) When going up and down the stairs, the contact surface between the track and the stairs can be seen as a line, and the friction will be very small, so the actual operation will be very dangerous. It is very easy and convenient to ride the stair chair. You just pull down the seat, sit on it, press the button on the armrest, and the seat starts to move. It runs slowly and smoothly and is very smooth. The stair climbing trolley is powered by a rechargeable battery, four wheels without rack and pinion drive, strong power, and simple maintenance. And occupy very little space, does not affect the normal passage of people. It is compact, foldable, and can be parked at the corner of the stairs.

Performance and dimensions of our YXH-5P model stair chair

*Mainly used for transporting patients and casualties

*The stair chair can be folded and the stretcher structure can be made smaller.

*Two folding handles at the back of the stretcher

*Two flexible lifting levers under the front of the stretcher

* The stair chair is equipped with two safety belts to ensure patient safety during transport

*Made of high-strength aluminum alloy

*Light weight, small size, easy to carry, safe and convenient to use features for sterilization and cleaning.

Technical features.

1)Product size (L x W x H): 126 x 110 x 63 cm

2) Folded size (L x W x H): 110 x 36 x 63 cm

3) Package size (L x W x H): 116 x 70 x 39cm

4) Net weight: 44kg Gross weight: 55kg

5) Weight capacity: less than 180kg

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