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Reusable Stainless steel Ordinary Anesthetic Laryngoscope

  • XH-S01/02/03/04



Detailed Product Description

·EZ Vision Economical Fiber optic laryngoscope blade.·AHandle:

.Excellent produce technology and quality, feel is good.

.lamp-socket located in the top of the handle,offeringthe best protection for the High sensitivity     halogenbulbs,extend the bulb's use life.

.The precision connection technology between len andhandle guaranteed the light not loss.

·B blades:

  1. Super hardness metal blades with high safety.2.

  2. The only 3.5 mm optical fibre can supply high lightsource and avoid airway trauma because of hightemperature during intubation.

  3.The Green plastic interface provide high hardness and strength, special green logo is applicable to all opticalfiber handles which fit with ISO standard.



Detailed Product Description·

Be made of 304 medical stainless steel.

More lighter blades make doctor operate easily.·Advanced design, Beautiful appearance makes it ismore better than foreign laryngoscope.

The stainless steel laryngoscope come out, can totallyreplace the traditional laryngoscopy, make the domesticlaryngoscope to a new step.XH-S03主图XH-S04主图

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