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How to use the stretcher correctly?

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The field of medicine is the most important field in human society. With the development of the times, medical equipment is constantly improving and a good level of medical science and technology has become a basic condition for people's lives and an important sign of modernity, medical equipment has become an important area of modern medicine. The product I am going to introduce today is related to medicine, it is a common stretcher in hospitals. A basic introduction to the use of stretchers will be mentioned in this article.


·What is a stretcher?

·Characteristics of a stretcher.

·Precautions for using a stretcher.


What is a stretcher?


The stretcher is a common piece of equipment in ambulances and is used to conform to the needs of the condition and to facilitate the lying down of patients and casualties. The stretcher can be used in any situation, including home and hospital emergencies, and its portability should be the most important consideration when designing it.


Characteristics of a stretcher.


Our stretchers are mainly made of high-strength aluminium alloy, which guarantees their durability. At the same time, the lightweight and flexible construction and the unique rail structure make it easy and safe to get up and down the stairs. What's more, our wide range of stretcher types, such as ambulance stretcher, rescue stretcher and emergency stretcher, is highly customisable, allowing you to use them in a variety of situations.


It is worth noting that there are also certain safety risks associated with the use of stretchers, such as basket stretchers. If a trapped person is too fat and the straps strapped to their front are too tight combined with prolonged handling, they can easily cause chest tightness and suffocation.


Precautions for using a stretcher.


·Handle the casualty properly

Before moving the casualty, check the vital signs and the injured parts of the body, focusing on the head, spine and chest for trauma, especially if the cervical vertebrae have been damaged. Firstly, the casualty's airway must be kept open, then the injured part of the casualty must be stopped, bandaged and fixed in accordance with technical specifications. Only after proper treatment can they be moved.


·Avoid falls in handling

Do not move until personnel and stretchers are properly prepared. Consider thoroughly when moving overweight and confused casualties. Prevent accidents such as falls and bruises during handling.


·Consider special situations

At special sites, handling should be carried out according to special methods. For example, at the scene of a fire, carry the casualty in thick smoke, maintain the correct carrying posture and should bend over or crawl forward. At the same time, at a scene where there is a toxic gas leak, the person carrying should first cover their mouth and nose with a wet towel or use a gas mask to avoid being smothered by the gas.


With the above information, do you have a better understanding of our company's stretchers? For any of our stretchers, we have strict production standards, high quality, CE / FDA / ISO certification and a strict quality control system throughout the production process. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, our stretchers have reached over 120 countries. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience.


What is more? The full production line of us can provide customers with not only various kinds of emergency rescue items, but also hospitial beds and trolleys.

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