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What's the PPE?

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As the standard of people's quality of life increases, an increasing number of people are becoming more and more concerned about personal protection. Personal protection is of great significance to mankind, especially with the outbreak of COVID-19 which began last year and has led to a global focus on protection. Today we would like to introduce a product related to protection, it is PPE. Basic information about PPE will be highlighted in the text.


·What's the mask with CE ?

·What’s the PPE used for?

·How to select a mask with CE ?


What's the mask with CE ?


A mask with CE is a mask that complies with the CE standard, which is a better quality and more effective barrier to dust than ordinary masks. The CE mark is mandatory in the EU market and only products that have obtained CE certification can be circulated in the EU market. It is worth noting that CE marking is mandatory for all manufacturers, whether in the EU itself or in other countries. The international requirements for the use of anti-particle masks are quite stringent and we at mask with CE have a strict production process to ensure that you are assured of both the quality of our products and our after-sales service.


Whats the PPE used for?


PPE is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) that is used in a wide range of applications, mainly to protect users from serious work-related injuries or illnesses caused by exposure to viral infections, chemical radiation, electrical radiation, electrical equipment, human powered equipment, mechanical equipment or in hazardous workplaces. It can also be used to prevent or reduce airborne dust from entering the human respiratory organs and thus protect lives. Common PPE products include Mask, FFP2 mask, 3ply face mask and many more.


How to select a mask with CE ?


·Consider the fit

The anti-side-leak design of the mask is a technical element that prevents air from being drawn through the gap between the mask and the body's face without being filtered. When the mask is not shaped to fit your face, dangerous airborne substances can leak through the gap and enter your respiratory tract. Then, even if you choose a mask with the best filter material. It will not protect your health. It is important that you choose a mask that fits the shape of your face.



Many masks have an arch shape, which ensures a good fit into the shape of the face while leaving some space at the nose and mouth for comfortable wear.


·Ruling out breathing difficulties

People with heart or respiratory difficulties, pregnancy, dizziness after wearing, breathing difficulties and skin irritation. We recommend that these people wear the mask for long periods of time.


Do you know more about PPE from the above information? We have strict production standards for any PPE, with high quality, CE / FDA / ISO certification and a strict quality control system in place throughout the production process. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, our stretchers have reached over 120 countries. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience. Our company mainly produces Epidemic prevention products, personal protective equipment and a range of other products, if you need to know more about PPE, please pay attention to our company.

What is more? The full production line of us can provide customers with not only various kinds of emergency rescue items, but also hospitial beds and trolleys.

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