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What is the difference between a hospital bed and adjustable bed?

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The main functional features of the adjustable bed are as follows:

1. Hydraulic pressure is used to control the lifting of bed surface, back and legs, and the inclination and anti inclination of bed.

2. Large oil pressure rod support beam column design, fixed bed does not shake.

3. Special medical casters make the car stable, reliable and lightweight.

4. Equipped with special comfortable mattress and infusion tube.

5. Stainless steel guardrail can protect patients.

6. Equipped with central control brake and guidance system.

The hospital bed generally refers to the nursing bed, which is designed according to the patient's treatment needs and bed living habits. It is accompanied by family members. It has a number of nursing functions and operation buttons. It uses an insulated and safe bed, such as weight monitoring, back eating, intelligent turning over, bedsore prevention, negative pressure urine bed alarm monitoring, mobile transportation, rest, rehabilitation (passive movement, standing) The rehabilitation bed can be used alone or in combination with treatment or rehabilitation equipment. The roll over nursing bed is generally not more than 90cm wide and is a single-layer single bed. It is convenient for medical observation and patrol and the operation of family members. It can also be used by healthy people, severely disabled people, the elderly, urinary incontinence, patients in stable or convalescent stage of brain injury at home for rehabilitation and rest treatment. It is mainly practical. The standard configuration of the hospital bed includes a bedside, a multi-functional bed frame, a bed tail, a set of bed legs, a bed board mattress, two controllers, two electric push rods, two left and right folding guards, four insulated silent casters, an integrated dining table, a bedsore prevention air pump tray, a storage rack under the bed and other components. There are ordinary beds, rehabilitation beds and intelligent turning beds. Hospital beds can also be called patient beds, medical beds, rehabilitation nursing beds, etc. they are used by patients during treatment, rehabilitation and rest. They are mainly used in major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, rehabilitation institutions, family nursing wards, etc.

Adjustable bed is a special medical bed for transferring and rescuing patients.

 It is mainly used for transferring patients between beds, and transferring patients from operating table to ward and from ambulance. It has the characteristics of multi position lifting, flexible movement and convenient operation. Its working principle is to use stable hydraulic pressure to control the adjustment and lifting of different body positions of the bed. The operation method is to use the pedal to control the lifting and tilting of the bed, the central control brake to control the fixation of the bed, and the handrails on both sides can facilitate and quickly promote the movement of the bed.

The use of adjustable bed solves the difficulty of doctors and nurses transferring patients when traditional hand lifting transfer patients, reduces the pain of patients from the operating table to the ward after operation, and makes the process of transferring patients convenient and fast. All major hospitals are using it, which is the necessary medical equipment of the hospital.

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