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What is the correct way to use an emergency stretcher?

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The stretcher is a common piece of equipment, but it is really the core equipment for transporting the injured. It is mainly used for transporting the sick and wounded in ambulances, hospitals, war zones and stadiums. There are many scenarios where stretchers are used, but many people do not know the correct way to use a stretcher, so this article will give a brief introduction to the use of a stretcher.


·What’s the emergency stretcher used for?

·How to use the emergency stretcher correctly?

·What do I need to know when using a stretcher with more than one person?


Whats the emergency stretcher used for?


The emergency stretcher is not a specific product, it is a stretcher used in emergency situations and is commonly used in hospitals and large public places or entertainment venues. It is a stretcher with wooden poles for support, steel cross braces and casualty straps to prevent the casualty from sliding during the transfer process and to avoid secondary injuries. Of course, different types of emergency stretchers have different structural features, for example ambulances made of high-strength aluminium alloy thick-walled tubes. The bed surface is made of foam cushions and the backrest is adjustable for the comfort of the casualty, which is designed to provide appropriate relief from pain.


How to use the emergency stretcher correctly?


·Pay attention to body position

Different positions are required for different injuries. At the same time, the casualty's condition needs to be observed at all times. In the event of an emergency on the way, such as asphyxia, respiratory arrest or convulsions, transport should be stopped and first aid treatment should be administered immediately.


·Checking the injured area

Before carrying the casualty, check the vital signs and the injured area. Fasten the safety belt after lifting the casualty onto the stretcher to prevent the casualty from falling over.


·Maintain a horizontal position

The casualty should be kept in a head-high position when going up and down stairs and kept as horizontal as possible. We generally recommend using a stair stretcher rather than a normal stretcher when going up and down stairs.


This is the correct way to use a stretcher. After being rescued at the scene, critically injured people must be safely and quickly taken to hospital for further rescue and treatment. If the stretcher is not used properly, the work may be lost, resulting in lifelong disability or even life-threatening injuries.


What do I need to know when using a stretcher with more than one person?


When two people are using the stretcher, they need to be at the same pace and height to avoid the stretcher tipping over. In addition, when three people are using the stretcher, the three porters need to kneel on one side of the casualty's body, side by side, while reaching their arms under the back of the shoulders, abdomen and buttocks, and under both lower limbs, and then stand up at the same time, always keeping the casualty's body in a horizontal position, without twisting the body, to avoid the casualty receiving secondary injuries. At the same time, make sure that the guardrails are turned up for safety when transporting the patient.


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