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What is the basic composition of the first aid kit?

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The Emergency bag was born in connection with the military, when, in order to make it easier to carry and supply, sets of medicines were often packaged in one or several special packages for a particular department or use. As time went on, emergency bags began to appear in a variety of settings. Today, first aid kits are used in hospitals, companies and individual homes. This article will give a brief introduction and analysis of the basic medicines in a first aid kit.


·What are the common medicines in the first aid kit?

·The main functions of first aid kits.

·Why use the Emergency bag?


What are the common things in the first aid kit?


·Alcohol wipes

Alcohol wipes are used to disinfect hands or tools such as pliers before first aid. Any tool must be worn small before it can be used.


·Personal protective equipment

Gloves, masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) are used to protect the rescuer from infection.


·Physiological saline

Common saline is 3.0.9% and its main purpose is to clean wounds. For hygienic reasons, it is best to choose small individual packs or medium-sized bottles. It is important to note that any leftover after opening should be thrown away and not put back into the first aid kit. If not, use unopened distilled or mineral water instead.



Bandages are elastic and are used to bandage wounds without impeding blood circulation. Different sizes of bandages are available for different body parts. For example, a 2" bandage is suitable for the hands and a 3" bandage for the feet. There is also a bandage called a triangular bandage, which can be used for a variety of purposes, such as supporting an injured upper limb, fixing a dressing or a fracture. The bandage can be used to stop bleeding and prevent infection in the event of an accident.


In addition to the items mentioned above, sterile dressings, gauze, band-aids, etc. are common items in first aid kits. It is worth noting that almost all first aid kits have bandages and dressings etc. In addition to small first aid kits, there are also specialist kits available on the market. Specialist kits are used in specific areas such as vehicle driving, outdoor activities, etc. and focus on the treatment of related injuries.


The main functions of first aid kits.


The most important function of the first aid kit is to save the emergency. The first aid kit can be used to take first aid measures that will alleviate the condition. For example, the use of bandages can help to stop bleeding. The use of saline prevents cell rupture. Its osmotic pressure is the same as that outside the cells, so it does not dehydrate the cells or over-absorb water, so it is used in many places where fluids are needed in various medical operations, and the concentration of the fluid environment in which the body's cells live. All in all, first aid kits provide a great deal of relief from pain and injury.


Why use the Emergency bag?


First aid kits can also be called emergency bags. First aid kits are of great importance for personal protection and everyday emergency response, and they provide protection for those who carry out first aid. It provides the practitioner with access to medication and medical equipment, as well as relevant medical advice, or guidance on how to contact a healthcare provider, and it can even save a patient's life. We therefore recommend that both companies and individuals need to be equipped with first aid kits to prevent accidents from happening.

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