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What are the different types of bed in hospital?

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Hospital beds should use insulated and safe beds to avoid the occurrence of special situations such as power leakage at the wall power supply, resulting in the connection of the bed and threatening the life safety of patients. The functions of different nursing beds are also different. The classification of hospital beds is briefly described as follows

1. According to the material

it can be divided into ABS sickbed, all stainless steel sickbed, semi stainless steel sickbed, all steel spray sickbed, etc.

2. According to the driving force

 the manual nursing bed can be divided into functional driving source and motor driving. The manual nursing bed needs the nursing staff to assist in rotating the rocker to start the nursing bed function. The remote control of the electric nursing bed can be operated with one button, or even the patient can operate by himself without the operation of the accompanying staff.The hand shaker is divided into single shaker, double shaker and three shakers, as follows:

*Single swing bed: this kind of bed is not ordinary and has a single function. It is suitable for patients with mild symptoms. The lifting function of single back plate is enough for patients;

*Double rocker: in addition to lifting the back plate, it can also lift the leg plate, especially for some patients with leg diseases, which can help patients recover;

*Three Shakers: the function of this kind of hospital bed is more complex than that of single shaker and double shaker. In addition to the function of double shaker, it can also lift the bed board. It is mainly suitable for severe patients and reduce the pressure of family members or nursing staff taking care of severe patients;Compared with the hand-operated hospital bed, the electric bed is simpler to use, flexible and convenient to operate. It is also suitable for severe patients with difficult turning over, which brings great convenience to special patients. It is divided into electric two-function bed, electric three-function bed, electric five function bed and electric seven function bed.

3. According to the purpose

it can be divided into medical hospital bed and household hospital bed. As the name suggests, the medical hospital bed is used in the hospital nursing place, that is, the hospital bed is used in the home nursing place, and the hospital medical staff can come home to help the patients with treatment and rehabilitation.

4. Hospital bed with dining table

 this kind of hospital bed is suitable for patients with mobility difficulties. Patients can eat in bed without getting out of bed. Of course, most hospital beds now have dining tables. Even single swing beds may also be equipped with dining tables;

5. Multifunctional medical bed

there are also multifunctional medical nursing beds, which are designed for rehabilitated patients to facilitate nursing. At the same time, some multifunctional electric nursing beds can also be deformed. Nurses can promote patients to walk around, make patients feel better, and reduce the pressure of nurses.

6. Restraint bed for mental patients: it is specially designed for mental patients. There are restraint rings around the bed, which can better restrain the patients on the bed, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the patients.

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