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What are the Stretcher applications?

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Medical equipment is an important sign of modernity. With the development of the times, medical equipment has entered an era of high technology. Although the product I am going to introduce today has nothing to do with high technology, it is indeed an essential piece of equipment in all hospitals, and it is the stretcher. In this article we will analyse the applications and features of the stretcher and the basic information about the stretcher will be highlighted in this article.


·Where can the Stretcher be applied?

·How to maintain the aluminum alloy stretcher?

·What position should be used for the patient when using a stretcher?


Where can the Stretcher be applied?


Hospitals are undoubtedly the most used scenario for stretchers, which can be used in a variety of core hospital scenarios such as ambulances and operating theatres. In addition to this, stretchers can also be used in public places such as gymnasiums, swimming pools and gyms. Stretchers are used everywhere, and some households always have emergency stretchers to prevent accidents.


How to maintain the aluminum alloy stretcher?


The maintenance of the stretcher is very important. As the stretcher is mainly made of aluminium alloy, we should always check the connection parts of the aluminium frame to avoid the stretcher from falling apart. When cleaning the aluminium surface of the stretcher, we can use a soft cloth with water or neutral detergent, not ordinary soap and washing powder, and not strong acid and alkaline detergents such as detergent powder and toilet cleaner, to avoid damage to the outside of the stretcher.


What position should be used for the patient when using a stretcher?


-Supine position

The supine position is one of the most common positions. It can be used for all seriously injured patients. It prevents the occurrence of vertebral dislocation by avoiding excessive bending of the neck and spine; for open injuries with abdominal wall defects, the intestinal canal may prolapse when the casualty shouts and holds his breath.


-Lateral position

The use of the lateral position needs to be determined by the patient's condition. After excluding neck injuries, the lateral position can be used for a casualty with impaired consciousness. This is to prevent aspiration of food into the trachea when the casualty vomits. When the casualty is lying on his or her side, a pillow can be placed on his or her neck to maintain a neutral position.


·Semi-recumbent position

The semi-recumbent position is often used for casualties with chest injuries only, often due to pain, haemopneumothorax and severe respiratory distress. In addition to combined thoracic and lumbar spine injuries and shock, this position can be used to facilitate breathing.


In addition to the positions mentioned above, sitting and prone positions are also common. While it is important to use the appropriate position, it is also important to use different stretchers for different patients. For example, a stair stretcher should be used when transporting a patient with a fracture to the corridor. That's all there is to know about the stretcher. With the above information, do you have a better understanding of our company's stretchers? For any of our stretchers, we have strict production standards, high product quality, CE / FDA / ISO certification and a strict quality control system throughout the production process. Our stretchers are light, small and easy to handle. At the same time, our company has 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, and our stretchers have reached more than 120 countries/regions. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience.

What is more? The full production line of us can provide customers with not only various kinds of emergency rescue items, but also hospitial beds and trolleys.

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