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The related precautions for using the stretcher.

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The stretcher is a very common piece of equipment in our lives and there are many different types of it that can be used in various scenarios. The stretcher is very easy to use, it is compact and the bed of the stretcher can be adjusted to a forward or backward tilt as required by the actual operation. However, many people do not have a clear understanding of the use of stretchers. This article focuses on the use of stretchers and gives you a brief overview and inventory of knowledge.


·The related precautions for using the stretcher.

·What is a basket stretcher?

·The recommended reasons for using the basket stretcher.


The related precautions for using the stretcher.


·Checking the stretcher before use

Check that the stretcher as a whole is not damaged and that the fabric is not torn to prevent secondary injuries during the handling of the casualty. At the same time, check that the stretcher is securely screwed down at the folding point to ensure proper use. Avoid safety accidents when carrying the casualty.


·Pay attention to the condition of the casualty at all times

Always observe changes in the casualty's condition during transport. The focus should be on respiration and consciousness. Keep warm, but do not cover the head and face too tightly as this may affect breathing. In the event of an emergency on the way, such as asphyxia, respiratory arrest or convulsions, stop the transport and give immediate first aid treatment.


These are the common precautions for the use of a stretcher. It is worth noting that when two people are carrying the stretcher, it is important to keep the height of the left and right front and rear levels essentially the same, otherwise the casualty will roll off. The two people in front and behind should pay attention to the coordination of the forward speed and keep the surface of the stretcher basically horizontal.


What is a basket stretcher?


The basket stretcher is a common type of stretcher available on the market and is mainly made of aluminium. When transporting a trapped person, the trapped person is placed inside the stretcher, which is enclosed inside the stretcher by the protruding edges around the perimeter in conjunction with the flat straps on the front. This prevents the trapped person from being dislodged from the stretcher due to the displacement of the stretcher. It is interesting to note that the basket stretcher is similar in shape to its namesake, resembling a small boat. When using a basket stretcher to carry a casualty, the casualty is placed in a flat position, the neck is secured and the left and right pieces of the stretcher are inserted into the back from the side of the casualty, snapped together and then carried.


The recommended reasons for using the basket stretcher.


Our stretchers are very flexible. During use, the bed of the stretcher can be adjusted to a forward or backward tilt according to actual operational requirements, and the backrest of the bed is supported by lockable pneumatic springs, which can be adjusted steplessly within the range of 0-60 degrees. Different types of stretchers have different characteristics, they are all made of high strength aluminium alloy and waterproof leather material, which is very durable.


Did the above information give you a better understanding of our company's stretchers? For any of our stretchers, we have strict production standards, high quality, CE / FDA / ISO certification and a strict quality control system throughout the production process. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, our stretchers have reached over 120 countries. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience.


What is more? The full production line of us can provide customers with not only various kinds of emergency rescue items, but also hospitial beds and trolleys.

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