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The main function of PPE

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Armor, or personal protective equipment, refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, and other devices and equipment used to protect the wearer's body from trauma or infection. The hazards that the armor can deal with include physical hazards, electrical hazards, chemical hazards, biological hazards, and suspended particles. Armor can be worn for occupational safety purposes, and can also be used for sports or other leisure activities. Among them, protective clothing is suitable for general clothing categories, while protective equipment refers to items such as cushions, shields, shields, and masks. So what are the main functions of PPE? Let's take a look together next.

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l Purpose of personal protective equipment

l Functions of personal protective equipment

Purpose of personal protective equipment

The purpose of personal protective equipment is to reduce the risk of employees being exposed to hazards in engineering control and management control methods and to reduce the risk level to a controllable range. Personal protective equipment is required when hazards occur. Personal protective equipment has serious limitations and cannot fundamentally eliminate the hazards, and if the protective equipment is damaged, it may cause harm to employees.

Functions of personal protective equipment

Any personal protective equipment will set up a barrier between the wearer or the user and the working environment, which also causes additional pressure on the wearer, impairs the ability to work, and causes great discomfort. The above-mentioned factors may affect the correct use of personal protective equipment by wearers, thereby putting them at risk of injury, illness, or being in extreme environments, or even death. Good ergonomic design can minimize these obstacles, to ensure that the wearer uses the armor correctly, and protects personal safety and a healthy working environment.

Occupational safety and health measures can be used for hazard control and intervention measures to reduce workplace hazards that pose a threat to worker safety and quality of life. The hazard control level arranges different hazard control methods according to the degree of absolute risk reduction and provides a policy framework. Among them, at the highest level are disaster elimination and disaster replacement, that is, complete elimination of hazards or replacement of hazards with safer substitutes for personal protective equipment. If elimination or alternative means cannot be used, engineering control and management control aimed at designing safer mechanisms and teaching safer human behavior must be considered. Because workers rely on protective barriers and are often exposed to hazards, the armor is at the lowest level. The level of control is very important, making people realize that although personal protective equipment is very useful.

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