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The common categories of Hospital Furniture

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Hospital Furniture has a long history of development in China because the doctor industry has a long history. People will inevitably have the physiological phenomenon of birth, old age, sickness, and death. Therefore, the rise of the doctor industry, followed by the birth of the Hospital Furniture industry. Hospital Furniture, also known as medical furniture, medical equipment, and hospital office furniture, is a new concept that has only emerged in recent years. Next, let's take a look at the common categories of Hospital Furniture. Here are some answers.

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Hospital Furniture can be classified according to the various positions in the hospital

Commonly used Hospital Furniture structure types

Hospital Furniture can be classified according to the various positions in the hospital

Hospital Furniture is mainly used in hospital reception halls, examination rooms, waiting areas, pharmacy rooms, operating rooms, laboratories, nursing centers, dentistry, and laboratory departments, etc. Hospital Furniture includes medical cabinets, medical lockers, medical functional cabinets, medical beds, nurse stations, diagnosis desks, and stools, waiting for chairs, patient chairs, infusion chairs, medicine cabinets, sorting trash cans, and other easy-to-use furniture. The classification of Hospital Furniture can be divided into different uses according to the different positions in the hospital. A lot of furniture is the name of Hospital Furniture, which is based on the job position of the hospital, such as nurse station, medical cabinet, and so on.

Commonly used Hospital Furniture structure types

The Hospital Furniture used in hospitals is rich in types and styles, and the structure of the supporting structure is also different. Commonly used Hospital Furniture structure types, namely, fixed structure, disassembly structure, folding structure, combined structure, bracket structure, and multi-purpose structure.

Hospital Furniture with scaffolding structure.

Stent structure refers to a type of Hospital Furniture structure that fixes various components on wooden or metal supports at different heights. The characteristics of the bracket structure are flexible fixing methods, convenient for indoor space, convenient for cleaning, and suitable for different application requirements. For example, Hospital Furniture such as medicine racks, storage racks for medical consumables, etc.

Hospital Furniture with versatile structure.

Multi-purpose structure refers to the Hospital Furniture structure that can be changed for use by slightly adjusting the position or connection of certain components. Its characteristic is that Hospital Furniture with this structure can have multiple functions, save space, and have many functions and effects. Such as the escort sofa in the ward.

Hospital Furniture with disassembly structure.

The disassembly structure is also called self-installation structure, ready-to-install structure, or easy-installation structure, which refers to the connection of various parts and components of Hospital Furniture according to the "32mm" system using various dismountable connectors. Hospital Furniture of this type of structure can be disassembled and installed many times. The disassembled Hospital Furniture is not only easy to design and produce but also easy to handle and transport. It can reduce the floor space of production workshops and sales warehouses and can be assembled by users. Such as cabinets, chairs, sofas, tables, and other Hospital Furniture.

Hospital Furniture with folding structure.

Folding structure refers to a type of Hospital Furniture structure that can be folded, stacked, or turned over. After use, it is easy to fold up and store, and it is convenient to carry and transport. Such as Hospital Furniture such as accompany chairs, temporary beds, and ward cabinets.

Hospital Furniture with a fixed structure.

The fixed structure is also called the assembled structure or the non-dismountable structure, which means that the parts of Hospital Furniture mainly adopt adhesive or non-adhesive joints, non-dismountable connector joints, nail joints, and glued joints, etc. It is assembled by sex, the structure is firm and stable, and it cannot be disassembled and assembled again. However, Hospital Furniture with this type of structure is large in size and troublesome in transportation. For example, solid wood accompanies chairs and so on.

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