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The First Aid Kit applications.

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A first aid kit is a container containing first aid medication or medical equipment and there are different types of kits depending on the scenario in which they are used. First aid kits were originally used on the battlefield, but as people's quality of life improved, they began to be used in more and more scenarios. Today the first aid kit has become a necessity.


·Where can the First Aid Kit be applied?

·The main functions of Emergency bag.

·What’s the Head Immobilizer used for?


Where can the First Aid Kit be applied?


The first aid kit provides security for those who administer first aid. It is used in a wide range of applications and can be found almost everywhere. First aid kits are divided into several categories such as home, outdoor, automotive, labour, military and police, hospital and disaster prevention. It can therefore be used in a variety of places such as cars, homes, hospitals, chemicals, etc. emergency kits can accommodate all types of medicine storage, they are designed to be moisture-proof, odour-proof, suitable for storing medicines at home and easy to carry.


The main functions of Emergency bag.


·Treating traumatic injuries

Almost all first aid kits have bandages, dressings etc. The focus of these supplies is on treating traumatic injuries such as bleeding, broken bones or burns and is usually the main focus of most first aid kits, using these products to relieve the wound and stop the bleeding in the first instance.


·Avoiding infection

Medical gloves in first aid kits are disposable gloves that can be worn by health care workers during medical examinations and procedures to avoid cross infection between health care workers and patients. In addition, medical masks or N95 masks are included in the first aid kit to reduce the possibility of airborne transmission of disease. It is important to note that these protective items should be disposed of promptly after use.


In summary, the main function of a first aid kit is to treat trauma and avoid infection. It plays an important role in resuscitation. However, if the patient's condition is too serious, it is important to take him to hospital as soon as possible after simply stopping the bleeding.


Whats the Head Immobilizer used for?


The head immobilizer is also a common item in first aid kits. It consists mainly of two plastic-coated solid foam supports, an adhesive base plate and two head immobilization straps. The head immobilizer's specially designed head straps increase the patient's comfort. Its main feature is the safe and secure handle catch function, which allows for quick opening of the catch and ensures correct use.


With above information, have you gained a better understanding of our company's first aid kits? We have strict production standards for any of our medical supplies and implement a high quality, CE / FDA / ISO certified, stringent quality control system throughout the production process. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, our products have reached over 120 countries. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience. If you need more information about first aid kits, please pay attention to our company.

What is more? The full production line of us can provide customers with not only various kinds of emergency rescue items, but also hospitial beds and trolleys.

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