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Something you need to know about stair chairs

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Elevators should not be used in multi-story buildings during emergencies such as fire, earthquake, or power outage, which may trap disabled or injured people. The stair stretcher section evacuation chair is designed for the rapid transport of patients in emergencies. It is mainly used for the emergency transfer of patients on stairs or in confined spaces. The chair is lightweight, foldable, easy to use, and can easily slide down the stairs using the tracks to help people with limited mobility to evacuate quickly and safely.

Here is the content list:

  • What can stair chairs do?

  • Some product parameters

stair chair

What can stair chairs do?

Stair chairs improve safety and efficiency: designed to provide a safer solution for professional first responders and more efficient in transporting people downstairs in an emergency. The stair chair has smooth and smooth gliding tracks that slide smoothly along the stairs to provide safer patient transfers and reduce operator stress, allowing one person to operate the stairs. The chair has a short handle behind the backrest and a retractable handle at the bottom that can be operated by two transporters and used as a stair stretcher to facilitate patient transfers in tight spaces. This stair evacuation chair with 4 wear-resistant wheels can be used as a wheelchair on the floor. The height of the chair operating trolley can be adjusted in 3 steps to facilitate the use of operators of different heights. The chair is equipped with a PVC seat, easy to clean and disinfect. The chair surface is removable, lightweight, foldable, and portable. The main frame of the stair stretcher model evacuation chair is made of aluminum alloy, which is easy to fold up and store in ambulances, EMS vehicles, rescue trains, or lockers, making the stair chair very portable. The evacuation stair chair is used as rescue equipment to escape from high-rise building fires and other emergencies, it is also suitable for airplanes, ships, and narrow corridors or staircases.

Some product parameters

1. Special track structure design makes transportation more convenient and safe.

2. Four wheels are easy to move on the ground.

3. The stair chair has two leather straps to enhance patient safety during transportation.

4. The stair chair only takes 3-4 hours to charge and can climb 80 floors. Takes only 30 seconds to complete 1 floor.

5. Only one person is needed to operate it.

6. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material.

7. Caster size: 125mm/75mm.

(1) Product size (L x W x H): 165 x 51 x 118 cm

(2) Folding size (L x W x H): 108 x 51 x 30 cm

(3) Package size (L x W x H): 116 x 58 x 32cm

(4) Net weight: 33kg Gross weight: 44kg

(5) Weight capacity: less than 160kg

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