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Some basics of choosing an evacuation chair

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In hospitals, patients are often unable to go up and down stairs normally. When it comes to emergencies, it becomes a major problem for patients to go up and down the stairs, so you need to consider using an evacuation chair.

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  • What is an evacuation chair?

  • The excellent use performance of the evacuation chair

evacuation chair

What is an evacuation chair?

An evacuation chair is a chair that uses an electric system to move up and down the stairs. A person simply sits in the chair, fastens the seat belt, and presses a button. The chair will then move them up and down the stairs. The call and send buttons are also part of the elevator system, so the chair can move up and down the stairs without anyone being in it. This can come in handy if more than one person is using the elevator. There are different types of evacuation chairs to accommodate different types of stairs and different types of users. Not all staircases are straight up and down. Some are curved, and this needs to be taken into account when choosing an evacuation chair.

The excellent use performance of the evacuation chair

The chair body of the evacuation chair we are selling is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, so it has a good quality of aluminum alloy material.

1. Light and soft: the density of aluminum is about one-third of the density of steel, which makes the evacuation chair easy to handle.

2. Good strength: pure aluminum is strengthened by heat treatment and alloying, its strength will increase significantly.

3. Good corrosion resistance: One of the characteristics of aluminum alloy is that a dense oxide film will be formed on the surface when it comes into contact with air, and this film can prevent corrosion, so it has good corrosion resistance. The surface corrosion resistance of the structure is an important factor in the service life of the stair chair. Aluminum alloy profile due to its characteristics, corrosion resistance is stronger, no need for post-treatment is more convenient to use.

4. And no metal pollution, no toxicity, and no volatile metal in the surface oxide layer, which ensures the safety of use.

5. Easy to regenerate: The melting point of aluminum is low, so it is simple to regenerate and harmless in waste disposal, which is conducive to environmental protection and in line with sustainable development strategy.

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