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Market demand for PPE

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In China, personal protective equipment is an industry that is undergoing innovation and development. It will grow with the development of China's economy, and it will continue to tap its potential with the development of the international market. Under the current situation of China's economic transformation and development and supply-side reform, China's protective equipment is also facing adjustment and development, as well as challenges and opportunities.

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Improved safety awareness and good development quality

Opportunities and challenges coexist

Improved safety awareness and good development quality

With the improvement of laws and regulations, the rigid consumption of personal protective equipment brought about by the increase in personal safety awareness, and the price increase brought about by-product functional changes, China's protective equipment industry will usher in a new stage of development and will gradually break Major international brands have a high-end market share in the Chinese market. In China's protective equipment industry, there will be several group companies with capital strength, marketing capabilities, complete production or business varieties, and able to compete with foreign brands, and more Chinese personal protective equipment industrial clusters will appear. The existing industrial clusters will form a new industrial cluster model led by leading enterprises, according to product classification and the division of raw and auxiliary materials.

Opportunities and challenges coexist

The e-commerce network platform will further expand the marketing market of China's protective equipment companies. With the development of e-commerce, many Chinese PPE companies have launched marketing through various e-commerce platforms, or through cross-border e-commerce as a new type of export trade method, which will benefit China's small and medium-sized PPE in the export of the enterprise's products.

Adhere to green, low-carbon, and environmental protection. Chinese personal protective equipment companies must not only do a good job in protecting people but also do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction in the production environment. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence and industrial automation, more and more factories have begun to replace people with machines, replacing labor with a large number of equipment. For the industry, the launch of equipment means a decline in the number of workers equipped with personal protective equipment. But at the same time, with the improvement of national laws and regulations, some types of work cannot be replaced by equipment. With the appreciation of the labor force, enterprises will develop towards high-end and fashionable trends in personal protective equipment, and the per capita equipment standards will also Increase with it. Therefore, the challenges and opportunities faced by the industry will coexist.

Personal protective equipment is a small industry, but it is related to human life, health and safety. It has attracted worldwide attention during this new crown pneumonia epidemic. It is hoped that China's protective equipment companies will continue to strengthen their practice to lay a good foundation for Chinese national brands to go abroad, and ultimately achieve the goal of "China's smart manufacturing". Zhangjiagang Xiehe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. responds to the national call to actively produce personal protective equipment and maintain the high-quality development of the personal protective equipment market. If you are interested in personal protective equipment and Stretcher, you can contact us. Our website is https://www.xieeh.com/.

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