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How to use the protective mask effectively?

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Masks are of great importance to people's lives in terms of both personal protection and emergency rescue, especially in terms of. During the epidemic the demand for masks became very high. However, many people do not know how to select masks and wear them properly. This article will give you a brief analysis of protective masks and hopefully will help you.


·How to use the protective mask effectively?

·How to choose a suitable mask?

·The importance of using masks.


How to use the protective mask effectively?


·Standard wear

If there is a gap between the mask and the face, the airflow will flow into the gap when the person is breathing, and the dust with the virus can enter the body through the gap with the airflow, causing infection. For this reason, when wearing a mask, first unfold the curved reserve layer of the mask, fix the mask to the face through the ear straps, cover the mouth, nose and jaw completely, then squeeze the metal strip above the bridge of the nose so that it fits snugly, and finally adjust the airtightness of the chin area. If necessary, the lanyard can be knotted from the back of the head to improve tightness. Avoid touching the outside of the mask with your hands throughout the entire wearing process.


·Separate the front from the back

The single-use medical mask that everyone wears is divided into three layers: the outermost layer is the water barrier layer, the middle layer is the filter layer and the inner layer is the moisture-absorbing layer. The moisture-absorbing layer absorbs the moisture exhaled from the mouth and nose, keeping the mask dry. If the mask is worn backwards, the gas exhaled from the mouth and nose cannot be effectively absorbed and the mask will easily become damp and lose its protective effect.


·Pay attention to the time of use

As a rule, single-use medical and surgical masks are limited to a maximum of 8 hours of use. After the mask has reached its maximum use time, it should not be used any longer. If the mask is torn or damaged, it must be replaced immediately.


How to choose a suitable mask?


The first thing to consider when buying a mask is the material it is made of, different materials are suitable for different scenarios. For example, the FFP2 mask is suitable for preventing or reducing the amount of airborne dust entering the human respiratory organs. However, they are not suitable for oily particles such as oil mist, oil fumes, asphalt fumes, coke oven fumes, etc. In addition, the purchase of a mask should also be considered in terms of comfort and fit.


The importance of using masks.


Nowadays, due to the new coronavirus, masks have a great role to play, as they can help protect us from the new coronavirus and prevent us from being infected. In addition, it is important to wear a mask when you go out if there is a hazy day. This is because there are a lot of toxic substances in the haze that can be extremely harmful to the human body.


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