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How to use the first aid kit effectively?

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The first aid kit is a very common piece of equipment in everyday life, and as people's quality of life improves, so does the variety of first aid kits. However, due to the lack of awareness of personal protection, accidents often occur in life and this is where the first aid kit comes into play. It is intended for different areas of use such as sports protection, medical dressing and medical immobilisation. In this article we will give a brief introduction to the main items of the first aid kit and how to use it.


The development history of first aid kits.


The original use and birth of emergency kits is associated with the military. At that time, the military often put a certain department or a certain type of medicinal instrument for use in a first aid kit in order to facilitate the use of carrying and supply. As social demand increased, emergency kits began to be used by hospitals, national militaries, research departments, etc. Today, emergency kits are used by companies and individuals alike, and almost all of them have bandages and dressings to stop the bleeding and relieve the wound in the first place.


The common components of emergency kits.



Bandages are gauze bands used to dress wounds or affected areas and are a common medical item.


·Disinfectant gauze

Disinfectant gauze is used to cover wounds. It is neither as likely as cotton to leave the lint on the wound, nor does it tug at the wound when removed.


·Cling film

Cling wrap is used to wrap burns and scalds before sending them to hospital, taking advantage of the fact that it does not cling to the wound.


·Ice packs

Apply to bruises, muscle strains or sprained joints to help reduce swelling by constricting the microvasculature. In case of nosebleeds, place on the forehead to help stop the bleeding.


In addition to the items mentioned above, common items in first aid kits include masks, gloves, Head Immobilizer, etc. It is important to note that first aid kits are very easy to carry. Almost any kind of container can be equipped as a first aid kit, such as a cargo box, suitcase, rucksack, belt pouch, etc. A standard first aid kit is usually a durable plastic box, a cloth bag or a wall mounted cabinet.


How to use the first aid kit?


When using a first aid kit, different types of supplies need to be used, depending on the injury. During this time, we also need to take into account the patient's body type. For example, paper tape can hold gauze in place, it does not irritate the skin and is suitable for general use. First aid kits should be equipped according to the age, health condition and season of the family members. At the same time, the first aid kit should be checked and replenished from time to time in case the medicines and instruments are damaged or expired.


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