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How to maintain the Stretcher?

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The high number of accidents today has led to a significant increase in the frequency of stretcher use. As times change, there are more and more types of stretchers available. Although stretchers are in high demand in society, there are still people who do not know how to use and maintain them properly.


In this article, we take stock of some of the ways in which stretchers can be maintained and provide a brief analysis of stretchers.


The Stretcher applications.


The stretcher is used in a wide range of applications, including ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, stadiums for transporting the sick and wounded, and for general surgery. The stretcher minimises secondary injuries to the patient's spine during handling. It is mainly suitable for use by seriously injured people, and the probability of accidents can be reduced if used by seriously injured people.


The correct way to use an ambulance stretcher.


Check the stretcher as a whole for damage and torn fabric to prevent secondary injuries during casualty handling. At the same time, make sure that the guardrails are turned up for safety when transporting patients. It is also important not to cut the surface of the stretcher when performing general surgery.


It is important to be aware of the patient's condition and changes at all times while the ambulance stretcher is in place. Special care is needed when carrying casualties with spinal and spinal cord injuries. After placing them on a rigid stretcher, the body must be fixed firmly with the stretcher using a triangular towel or other cloth strip, especially for cervical spine injuries, sandbags, pillows, clothing etc. must be placed on both sides of the head and neck to restrict the movement of the cervical spine in all directions, then the forehead must be fixed with the stretcher using a triangular towel etc. and the whole body must be enclosed with the stretcher using a triangular towel etc.


How to maintain the Stretcher?


·Always keep it neat and tidy

Maintain the stretcher regularly. Although the aluminium stretcher is highly resistant to corrosion, it is best to store it in some ventilated area to avoid moisture or dryness that could damage the surface of the stretcher.


·Check for loose parts

Always check for loose parts. For example, if the plastic rollers are intact and in good working order, it is very important to check that the brackets are firmly fixed, as this is related to whether the stretcher will have a safety accident in use.


·Attention to transport

When storing and transporting, it is forbidden to stand upside down and to stack as shown in the packing box. Avoid placing heavy objects on the stretcher.


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