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How to maintain the Hospital Furniture?

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Hospital Furniture includes guidance desks, triage desks, nurse stations, treatment cabinets, consultation tables, ward wardrobes, etc. In daily life, hospitals often have to carry out some simple cleaning of Hospital Furniture, to ensure the longevity of office desks and chairs. So do you know how to maintain the Hospital Furniture? Here are some answers.

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Cleanliness of Hospital Furniture

Maintenance method of Hospital Furniture

Cleanliness of Hospital Furniture

There is a considerable causal relationship between the cleanliness of Hospital Furniture and the maintenance of Hospital Furniture. If the maintenance of Hospital Furniture is not done well, it will lead to an increase in its repair rate. Therefore, the maintenance of Hospital Furniture is the key. Regarding the maintenance of Hospital Furniture, what is the correct way to do it? First of all, when cleaning and maintaining Hospital Furniture, you must first make sure that the cloth used is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust with the cloth, be sure to turn it over or replace it with a clean cloth before using it. Don't be lazy and don't use the dirty side over and over again. Because using the dirty side of the rag over and over again will cause the dirt to rub on the surface of the hospital furniture repeatedly, thereby damaging the glossy surface of the Hospital Furniture. In addition, remember to wash and dry the rag after use. For furniture made of fabric materials, such as fabric sofas, leisure cushions, etc. You can use cleaning and maintenance agents to clean the carpet. First use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, and then spray a small amount of carpet cleaner on a damp cloth.

Maintenance method of Hospital Furniture

First, Hospital Furniture should be placed in a well-ventilated and dry place, not close to fire sources or damp walls, and not exposed to the sun. Frequent sunlight can easily oxidize and deteriorate metal fittings. Second, the dust on Hospital Furniture should be gently swept away with a feather duster. Try not to scrub with water. It must be wiped gently with a damp soft cloth. Do not scrub with alkaline water, soapy water, or washing powder solution, so as not to affect it. The brightness of the spray paint may cause the surface paint to peel off. Third, when moving cabinets, Hospital Furniture should be lifted off the ground. Don't pull or push to avoid loosening or damaging the legs. Fourth, Hospital Furniture such as sofas and soft beds should be placed in a dry place. To prevent the internal spring from rusting and affecting the elasticity. Fifth, the floor where Hospital Furniture is placed must be flat and the four legs must be evenly grounded, especially for chairs, and attention should be paid to the uniform force on the four legs.

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