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How to choose a PPE?

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With the development of society, people are paying more and more attention to protection awareness. Today we would like to introduce a product related to personal protection, it is PPE, a category of high quality protective equipment. In this article we will give a suggested rundown on how to select the relevant protective equipment.


How to choose a mask?



The airtightness is a direct result of the safety of the selection, especially if you have a small face like me, the edges are bound to leak. That's why many doctors and nurses wear multiple layers and make them very tight to prevent leakage.



Air flows like water, where there is less resistance. It is therefore important that you choose a mask that fits the shape of your face. When a mask does not fit your face properly, airborne hazards can leak in through the unsealed area and enter your respiratory tract. A mask that does not fit the shape of your face will not protect your health.


These are the main reference criteria for selecting a mask. It is known that the dust-blocking efficiency of a mask is based on its efficiency in blocking fine dust, especially respirable dust below 2.5 microns. This is because dust of this size enters the alveoli directly and has the greatest impact on human health. When buying a mask, we also need to choose a mask made of different materials according to the different scenarios of use. For example, the FFP2 mask is designed to prevent or reduce the amount of airborne dust entering the human respiratory organs. It may not be as good when it comes to fighting virus transmission.


The common types of personal protective equipments.


There are many different types of personal protective equipments. With the development of the times, personal protective equipment has become a mature market system. The main types of personal protective equipment available on the market include face masks, goggles, safety helmets, safety belts, safety gloves, safety shoes, hearing protection and respirators. In addition to this, respiratory protection equipment also belongs to the category of personal protective equipment, such as protective clothing and portable instruments.


Why use the PPE?


The PPE is very easy to use, take the most common masks nowadays as an example. As the mask is a disposable product, it does not need to be washed or replaced and is discarded when the dust barrier is saturated or the mask is broken, thus ensuring that the mask is hygienic and eliminating the time and effort required by workers to maintain it. In addition, the PPE has a high level of protection, a good airtightness and the mask with CE has less resistance to breathing than a normal mask.


Are you familiar with PPE from the above information? We have strict production standards for any PPE, with high quality, CE / FDA / ISO certification and a strict quality control system in place throughout the production process. With 15 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting, our products have reached over 120 countries. We believe that our products can bring you the best quality experience. Our company mainly produces Epidemic prevention products, personal protective equipment and a range of other products, if you need to know more about PPE, please pay attention to our company.

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