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How much is a hospital bed for home?

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There are many price factors formedical beds, including material, size, function, and other factors. Let's analyze it one by one:

1. The first is the differentiation of materials. 

It doesn't mean stainless steel or ABS, but the price of high-quality materials and ordinary materials. The price can vary from hundreds to thousands of yuan.In fact, as users, especially in hospitals, the use value of a hospital bed for ten years and five years is completely different from the final price of the product.

2.Hopistal bed size

Medical bed size is also one of the factors affecting product prices, because at present, there is basically a general bed size in the market, such as two meters long and one meter wide. This is the conclusion drawn from the national census, which is more suitable for the height and body width of most people. If you want to customize the size, the price will naturally be different from the original.

3.The price factor of medical bed is also the function. 

The more functions, the more expensive the price is. However, the price gap of medical bed in the same function is still concentrated in quality and after-sales service.Taking the multi-functional medical bed as an example, in addition to the ABS materials of large components, some of the whole products use domestic ordinary ABS materials. Naturally, the quality is completely different from that of imported ABS materials. For example, in terms of material selection, our company only selects imported materials for the guarantee of product quality.

4.In addition to large parts, the selection of electronic accessories, motor parts, castors and other materials can also affect the product price.

5.The supply and demand of medical beds affect the price of goods:

The fluctuation of price around value is the manifestation of the law of value. The market has the important function of spontaneously regulating supply and demand and commodity prices. In essence, it is the result of the action of the law of value. When medical beds are in short supply in the market, the price rises; When supply exceeds demand, prices fall.

6.The price varies by thousands according to different power:

Manual nursing bed: the price is generally about 800-2000 yuan, and the price fluctuates slightly with different attached functions; Generally, it has two functions, i.e. single shake or double shake, and the price is about 800-1300; The three function hospital bed is also known as the overall lifting hospital bed, and the price is basically about 1600-2000 yuan.

Electric nursing bed: the price is generally more than 3000 yuan, more than 10000 or even tens of thousands. Due to the different motors, materials and rollover functions, the prices vary greatly. The electric design is the crystallization of the latest technology, which is the most convenient for the self-care of the bedridden, and rarely needs the help of others, which is convenient for the family and patients.

7. Different manufacturer

Later, I talked about the after-sales service given by the manufacturer, which is of great concern to all customers. The price of products with good after-sales service and good service will not be the price of goods on the ground.

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