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Cheap Emergency Splint Kit

  • YXH-9A

air splint description



1. Easy operation, ready to use-inflates within seconds;
2. Helps prevent further damage to soft tissues.


Brief Introduction:

Air splints are designed for fractures, broken, crushed, sprains or burned extremities.


Use methods:

This pack includes six splints and one pump. Choose the proper air splints for different conditions

1. Unzipped splints and simply wrap a splints around the injured extremity, then zipped.

2. Open the lid of value and inflated with oral or micro-pump.

3. Nip the boot of value to deflate.

4. Unzipped and take off splint.


Size specification:

1. Hand & wrist 15''

2. Half arm 25''

3. Full arm 32''

4. Foot & ankle 15''

5. Half leg 25''

6. Full leg 32''



1. Application is faster, simpler and more comfortable than conventional bandaging/splinting technologies.

2. Help prevent further damage to soft tissues, combats shock and relieves pain.

3. Applies uniform pressure to injures arm or leg-provides rigid support, permits free circulations.

4. Immobilizes, cushions and protects injured limbs so that the patients can be transported safely and easily.

5. Completely washable and reusable-can be sterilized by gas or marinate (to prevent the cross infection)

6. Transparent-splint need not be removed from X-ray.



1. Air-inflated splints may leak. When applied in cold weather, an inflatable splint will expand when the patient move to a warm place.

2. Variations in pressure also occur if the patient is moved to a different altitude.

3. Frequently monitor the pressure in the splint with fingertip.

4. Avoid the surface layer of being pricked by the sharp good

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