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The main characteristics of Hospital Beds

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The definition of Hospital Beds refers to the bed used for the rehabilitation of patients, and it is also the bed used by medical staff for nursing and diagnosis and treatment of patients. It has been nearly two hundred years since the birth of the first real Hospital Beds in the world. From the initial single function type, it has developed to more than a dozen types, and the function has also changed from simple manual Hospital Beds to current electric Hospital Beds. It should be said that with the development of science and technology, the design and function of Hospital Beds have become more and more humanized, which not only meets the basic needs of patients but also takes into account the needs of patients' bodies and minds. For example, there are Hospital Beds on the market that can assist in cleaning the patient's urination. Next, let's take a look at the main characteristics of Hospital Beds. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

Classification of Hospital Beds.

Benefits of Hospital Beds.

The basic types and functions of Hospital Beds.

Classification of Hospital Beds

The current Hospital Beds on the market are divided into the following series: the first type of Hospital Beds are classified by function: including electric, manual, ICU, etc. The second type of bed is classified by material: there are four kinds of beds made of stainless steel, steel sprayed plastic, ABS, and solid wood. The third category is Hospital Beds classified according to the scope of use: there are home care beds and specialized Hospital Beds. The other is the department bed, the most typical one is the orthopedic bed.

Benefits of Hospital Beds

The Hospital Beds can help the patient get up. With the cooperation of the double-sided nylon stainless steel barrier and the mobile dining table, the patient can get up between 0-75 degrees, so that the patient can maintain a sitting state, and can complete reading, writing, drinking water, etc. Alone basic life needs. In addition, the Hospital Bed can be bent down according to the needs of the patient, which can solve the difficulty of washing and soaking the feet of the patient. With the help of the function of getting up, a normal sitting state can be realized, making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable.

The basic types and functions of Hospital Beds

Single shaker

The use of a single shaker is relatively simple and is mainly used for the rehabilitation of patients with mild illness. The backboard of the single rocking bed can be raised at an angle of 0 to 65 degrees through the rocking handle. The patient can sit up on the Hospital Beds and rely on the backboard through the lifting function of the backboard. Some daily necessities can also be placed under the bed.

Double shaker

The double rocking bed has one more leg lift function than the single rocking bed. This kind of Hospital Bed is generally used by patients with leg problems. With the leg lift function, patients can bend their legs without lifting their legs. Some daily necessities can also be placed under the bed.

Hospital Beds with dining table

Hospital Beds with dining tables are generally used for patients with limited mobility. This type of Hospital Bed is equipped with a movable dining table at the end of the bed. The dining table can be moved to the center of the bed through a movement radius centered on the legs of the table for the patient to have a meal.

Electric bed

The electric bed is a multifunctional electric turn-over Hospital Bed, which is suitable for critically ill patients who have difficulty turning over. The multifunctional electric turning bed has comprehensive nursing functions, flexible and convenient operation. The Hospital Beds can be raised and lowered and the bed board can be raised and lowered by operating the keyboard buttons, which brings great convenience to the rescue of emergency and trauma patients.

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