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Automatic Loading Ambulance Stretcher YXH-3H

FOB Price: $ 10 - $ 2000 | Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity: 5 sets
Supply Ability: 1000 Sets/Month
Port: Shanghai,China

I.Technical parameters:
1. Product size (L x W x H): 195 x 55 x 85cm
2. Low Position Size (L x W x H): 195 x 55 x 38cm
3. Packing Size: (L x W x H): 199 x 61 x 39cm
4. Net weight: 47kg   Gross weight: 54kg

5. Load bearing:≤200kg

II. Instruction:

It has a separable stretcher with the main stretcher frame which could be removed from trolley and used as a separate stretcher, easy locking/unlocking system to lock the separable stretcher into the trolley

Adjustable height:65-85cm

The backrest can be adjusted from 0 - 65 deg by gas spring

Swing-down side rails to protect patient when transfer

The mechanical legs are controlled by the handles in both sides

Only one person can slide the stretcher on to the ambulance

The emergency ambulance stretcher with automatic loading can be locked by the fixing device when it is in the ambulance

III. Applied for:

Approved by clinic practice, this item is suitable for ambulance, hospital battlefield, gym, etc. to carry the wounded & patients. It allows one person to perform retrieval

IV. Attention:

1. When carrying patients with this stretcher, be sure lock tightly the fender locking device & fasten the safety belt for safety.

2. During general operation, be careful and avoid the stretcher surface scraped

V. Maintenance:

1. Keep clean as routine (incl. sterilization).

2. Often check if any parts loose or not.


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